Monday, January 28, 2013

Tool # 11

Well first and foremost, I am so glad I did this. At first I felt really overwhelmed with all this information. I had no idea on how I was going to start this since I am not a computer whiz.   However, once I began I felt that a lot of the information that I was learning was so relevant that I became more interested on how I can use them in my classroom. As of right now, I have goals that I would like to achieve, which are:
First  I would for my students at the end of the year will be able to create a story in a group using story bird.
Second, I would like to use skype as a way to communicate with other classroom in my school or even in other schools from other cities. We can discuss units or even read to each other.
Third, I would like for my students to become more independent when using the devices. I want them to be technology fluent at their level.

Overall this experience has broadened my mind in regards to technology in the classroom. Half of the apps and sites that I used during the process, I had no idea they even existed. One thing that  to woul like to continue doing is to gain more understanding on how I can use some of the apps and sites in my kinder classroom. I want my students to be ready for what’s the come in the future.