Monday, October 29, 2012

Tools # 3 part 3

I have downloaded Dropbox and it's now in my Desktop. I plan to utilize it with my class in storing pictures of  spiders and farm animals for those units. Also, I could share document with my fellow peers and lastly,  I can save information that I find in my home instead of using a jump drive.

Tool # 3 part 2

What I learned from copy right was Harry Potter Can FlyH = Homegrown- it could be old shoe box pictures that you are able to use. You may need permission from individuals in the picture.
P = Public Domain- We are able to use with fair use. Examples could be, pictures from NASA, wiki documents etc.
C = Creative Commons- This is media, that has already been licensed and people are able to use as long you use it fairly and it has its limitations
F = Fair Use- Media has to be used in its limitation, nature and granted without permission.

Tool # 3 part 1

I have found many videos on YouTube that have helped in the class. There are channels that are dedicated just to math or to reading stories and I really enjoy showing to the kids. Not only because they are learning the material but because it makes it engaging to the students.