Monday, December 3, 2012

Tool # 10

First and foremost, we as educators have to block sites that are inappropriate for students. Students should also respect that these sites have been blocked.
The teacher will inform parents of the guidelines of internet usage. Teacher can send a letter home explaining the rules. Student should also go through a thorough review of the rules. 

Teacher should have a discussion about cyber bully and how to properly use emails. And show the Vicki Davis website to go further with the discussion. 

Tool # 9

  1. Its is important to tie technology into the objective because in today's world a students need to be able to fluent with technology and to differentiate the learning. 
  2. There has to be accountability in order to proof that the learning has occur.
  3. I really enjoy using literacy center and tumble books because they are very interactive and students love using and most important of all it is kid friendly.
  4. I love using hen house for math for number recognition and and I love using Lectura magica for phonemic awareness. I use those apps constantly.
  5. I have use the i touches for shape hunting activity where students take pictures of shapes that they see around the school.