Monday, December 3, 2012

Tool # 10

First and foremost, we as educators have to block sites that are inappropriate for students. Students should also respect that these sites have been blocked.
The teacher will inform parents of the guidelines of internet usage. Teacher can send a letter home explaining the rules. Student should also go through a thorough review of the rules. 

Teacher should have a discussion about cyber bully and how to properly use emails. And show the Vicki Davis website to go further with the discussion. 

Tool # 9

  1. Its is important to tie technology into the objective because in today's world a students need to be able to fluent with technology and to differentiate the learning. 
  2. There has to be accountability in order to proof that the learning has occur.
  3. I really enjoy using literacy center and tumble books because they are very interactive and students love using and most important of all it is kid friendly.
  4. I love using hen house for math for number recognition and and I love using Lectura magica for phonemic awareness. I use those apps constantly.
  5. I have use the i touches for shape hunting activity where students take pictures of shapes that they see around the school.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Tool# 8

The first thing I did was to set up my itunes account becuase I did not have one. Now that I do have one, I love it. I use my small devices every single day. I use them during the learning centers for books, phonics, math and so much more. I have use during a math lesson where my students went around the school looking for 3d shapes and took pictures of objects that resemble 3d shapes.

Tool # 7

I plan to start a project with the 4th grade teacher using Skype. My plan is to collaborate with a 4th grade teacher in having her students read stories to my kindergarten teachers. My plan is to have buddy readers for my student but with the help of technology. Also I could work with a fellow friend and teacher that lives in California and discuss the daily weather so students can see the differences in weather all over the US.

Tool # 6

I have created accounts in edmodo, google docs, and blogger and I can see how this can benefit me as an educator becuase I am able to share documents and thoughts about a specific subject. I still need to learn how I can incorporate with my Kindergarten Class. I would like ideas if you like to share. Here is my edmodo site.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog # 5

Wow, I really liked the  StoryBird site. I was able to create a story using the beautiful pictures. I can definetely uses this to teach my kids about BME and story elements. Here is a story that I created. I am looking forward to using this a lot more.I also plan on using Animoto for class projects and class readers theatre.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tool # 4

I love Google docs! It's a great way to store files in one place and also to share with your team mate. I always like to share any resources that I find with my team and this is great way to do it and maybe even work on a project together. It avoids all the emails and copies..

Monday, October 29, 2012

Tools # 3 part 3

I have downloaded Dropbox and it's now in my Desktop. I plan to utilize it with my class in storing pictures of  spiders and farm animals for those units. Also, I could share document with my fellow peers and lastly,  I can save information that I find in my home instead of using a jump drive.

Tool # 3 part 2

What I learned from copy right was Harry Potter Can FlyH = Homegrown- it could be old shoe box pictures that you are able to use. You may need permission from individuals in the picture.
P = Public Domain- We are able to use with fair use. Examples could be, pictures from NASA, wiki documents etc.
C = Creative Commons- This is media, that has already been licensed and people are able to use as long you use it fairly and it has its limitations
F = Fair Use- Media has to be used in its limitation, nature and granted without permission.

Tool # 3 part 1

I have found many videos on YouTube that have helped in the class. There are channels that are dedicated just to math or to reading stories and I really enjoy showing to the kids. Not only because they are learning the material but because it makes it engaging to the students. 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tool #2

Creating an online network/blog was never something I would have imagine I would be doing. But I do see the impact that it has as far as getting feedback from others educators. I still have to get comfortable with blogging and sharing my thoughts.  I have to see this blog as another way to express myself and have people comment on it.. Sounds like the other social networks I currently use, so it shouldn't be so hard. :)

Creating the blog

I guess creating a blog was not as hard as I thought it would be. The only thing that I am having some issues with is getting my Voki avatar to copy onto my blog, other than that, it seems to be pretty easy. Looking forward to using this more through out the year.